To make these joins, the key fields must exist in all three tables and be exposed at the business layer and the presentation layer in OBIEE. Thank you, your comment requires moderation so it may take a while to appear. You can only use this setting if you have configured the Oracle BI Server to host multiple repositories. What you first need is the nqsodbc. That are great news that 64 Bit Admin Tool is running now. And all these queries go directly to the BI Server. As a web client end user, you can choose which repository to access from your client browser by substituting the appropriate web server computer name or IP address in the URL for the Presentation Services instance that points to the repository you want to work with:

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Then, enter the port number for the Primary Controller in the appropriate Port field.

Thanks a lot and so long, Andreas. In addition, do not change the name of the centrally managed default DSN. For example, you may have a subject area for finance, one for supply chain, and one for sales.

If the test is not successful, then correct any errors identified in oracoe message and test the connection again. For the statement regarding oraxle is true power I could not agree more!

It was properly registered and it is absolutely legitimate. Log on as a separate telnet session.

OBIEE – Data Direct ODBC drivers [Gerardnico]

These libraries should go under bin folder. At this point of the story, some may tell me “Hey, stop right there! So we can’t put Oracel to any folder we like. For this task, I took a fresh Windows, created a dump of the registry and folders structure of the Windows folder, then installed OBIEE client using normal installation process, made the same dumps and compared them once again.

Last Drivers  GENERIC 22C-6E DRIVER

To make these joins, the key fields must exist in all three tables and be exposed at the business layer and the presentation layer in OBIEE. Using a key field dimension will cause an error, so hiding these fields in the Dimensions pane is recommended.

Select the database for which you want to enter a user name and password and click Edit. You must select the subject area that you want to connect to in each ODBC connection you create. Tableau does not test or support. And not obvious but pleasant bonus is that I can give it any name I like. Select and join the tables in the join area on the Tableau data source connection screen. But a lesser-known benefit of this is that we can utilise this ODBC interface for own needs.

Complete the additional steps to configure the DSN, starting from Step 11 of the procedure in the previous section. Note that hosting multiple repositories on a single Oracle BI Server is not recommended for production deployments. But what you can’t see in this picture is the data source for the table and charts.

If you select this option, you will not have to enter your user name each time you connect. Physical Layer right pane —The layer where the connection to each data source is made and the raw tables are exposed. To change the default error message language, select Change the default error message language to and then select the language you want to use for error messages.


Does it copy something to the Windows folder or everything pdbc in its installation folder? In Windows, open the Run dialog box. Only, there is 2 ODBC branches in registry that you have to document, so there is the one you pointed out and this one with exactly the same servet And its syntax is not very obvious but not too hard also. I wanted to post about, but you are faster than me.

Working with OBIEE Data in Excel using ODBC

And all these queries go directly to the BI Server. For File Containing Passphraseenter the path and file name of the passphrase file for the Client Key, or click Select to browse for the file. But the kind one insists that even while documentation has done no harm to anyone, that’s not enough. Type a servdr for the data source in the Name field.