In addition, for movies you can choose a single frame and print it, trim the beginning or end, set bookmarks within a movie for easy navigation, and make a 4-, 9-, or up picture from a video clip. Auto white-balance won’t be able to compensate for flash as it needs to see the colour in front of it and it can’t with flash. And with Kodak’s innovative smart capture feature, it’s the take-anywhere camera that does it all – automatically. Focusing As with all compacts of this specification, the Kodak uses an active focusing system which is a contrast detection system. The Kodak EasyShare Z offers a variety of auto-focusing modes. Vertical Shutter Button An integrated vertical shutter release allows you to photograph all of your subjects with superior ergonomics. There’s no dioptre adjustment available and after a short period of use the EVF actually made my eyes hurt – I soon gave up and exclusively used the main LCD screen.

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Perfect for all of your advanced photographic challenges, the Kodak EasyShare Z brings advanced digital technologies to everyone. Camera is in great condition!

I struggled to cope with noise all the way through the test and I was really disappointed. Many reviews mention the ‘cheap appearance’ or ‘poor construction’ and compared to my other Kodak cameras, I can see where they’re coming from.

Kodak EasyShare Z Digital Photography Review

The power switch is easy enough to use if a little unresponsive. EasyShare Z Digital Camera is rated 4. It then wasn’t ready within the ten second trial time. No Longer Available Update Location close. The shutter release is in a natural location for your index finger, with the rear zoom buttons falling under your right thumb. I havent had the prablems that I read about [lens cap dont fit ,need quality sd cardsect].

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I have a couple of friends who are professional photographers with fancy high end cameras. The quick menu on the bottom of the frame looks nice but does get in the way when taking pictures. Kodak Z IS specs. The Z comes with a very brief quick start guide in 10 different languages esyshare there’s not even a full PDF manual on the product CD. You’re limited easyzhare a few quick fixes, such as changing the noise suppression, sharpness, exposure, shadows and highlights and white balance, and then saving the RAW file into another format BMP or JPEG.

The purple colors in the shot easysgare of resemble fringing, although that typically is seen along edges in high contrast areas, so whatever caused this may not be the fault of the lens.

Pretty impressive and coupled with a vertical shutter release button for easier portrait shooting and Raw recording, this could shape up to be a back-up camera for a serious enthusiast or a semi-pro.

Taking hand-held photos with any super-zoom camera, especially in the longer half of the zoom range, carries the risk of your photos being ruined by camera shake.

You should see the pictures I eashshare taken with it. The camera copes well enough from direct sunlight. Pictures are pretty good but you will find some pictures to have some noise in them.

Kodak Easyshare Z980 Digital Camera Review

Apple Mac OS X There’s also a dedicated hotshoe on top of the camera for use with an external kofak. The long lens of the Z makes it tempting to bring distant objects in close, but hand holding the camera steady at the telephoto end is no easy task for either video or stills and a tripod or some other form of support or bracing for the camera is a good idea if you plan to be at the telephoto end of the spectrum a lot.


The somewhat narrow band of ISO sensitivities that produce the best quality images is one reason to shoot the manual modes where ISO can be user established. Attach the included vertical grip and portrait shooting becomes easier than ever before. Once you get a feel for the shutter there is no concern with its operation.

Dasyshare creative control with a wide variety of customizable settings. I owned a Kodak prior to this camera. And with on-camera features like face detection, multimedia slideshow, text and sound tags, and HD video, taking the shot is just the beginning. The other thing some complained about was the AA batteries. Lens Performance The Z features a Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 24x zoom lens spanning the mm equivalent focal length range.

Kodak EasyShare Z Review – DigitalCameraReview

Wide angle barrel distortion. For those of us who think we might know better than the camera, there are the typical manual controls found on DSLRs and more easyshaee compacts: Manual settings or flash enabled to help hold down the ISO is the best way to go for consistent results with this camera.

White-balance There are five white-balance settings on the Z and weirdly, flash isn’t one of them.