Even after we had our own images up, we felt that the Kodak comparison was valid, and would be useful to our readers as well. The PictureWorks Live software also includes two intriguing time-lapse settings, that allow you to program the camera to take pictures at fixed time intervals, ranging from once a second to once every 24 hours. I wil keep coming back for sure. The Windows machine in our studio fell into an awkward in-between situation: Limited dynamic range, and center-to-edge light falloff. From here, you can adjust the camera characteristics, take a still picture, or record a video. Time-lapse movies shot through the window of moving clouds or an approaching storm can be pretty dramatic and a lot of fun.

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As a bottom line, if you’re content camwra stay within range of the camera’s tether cable, this is by far the cheapest route to digital photo capability.

Normally, we’d put this information in the “Software” section below. Even after we had our own images up, we felt that the Kodak comparison was valid, and would be useful to our readers as well.

Driver for Kodak Kodak DVC323 Digital Video Camera – downloading and installing it

In still mode, the camera can capture images at x, x, and x pixels. By relying on the vvideo computer for all the processing power, the cameras themselves amount to little more than a lens, a sensor, and some interface electronics. If you choose the auto-exposure setting, you can also select whether the program bases its determination on the image as a whole, or primarily on the central portion of the scene.

The DVC and similar devices point to a coming time when cameras on computers become as ubiquitous as CD drives, and images become a natural, effortless part of routine business documents. We can use the space though, to mention available image file formats and file types that the software supports: One attractive feature of “computer eye” devices is their low cost: With increasing svc323 power and storage capacity, and new, higher-speed device interfaces in this case, the “USB” busmultimedia may be arriving for the common man and woman.

Last Drivers  PV-TV304P DRIVER

This is quite impressive, especially in such an inexpensive device. With the DVC, we see Kodak moving into what promises to be an enormous potential market: The camera head readily clips and unclips from the base, making it easy to pick up and point at any object you want to take a picture with.

The time-lapse video option lets you choose an interval of 1 second to minutes, and strings the dlgital frames together into vodeo normal Windows “AVI” file, so you can view the results as a movie. If this happens, you can go to Kodak’s Video Settings window, put a white sheet of paper in front of the camera making sure the lighting is the same as it will be for your final picturesand then change the white balance setting from “Auto” to another setting such as “daylight”and then back again.

A “Hue” slider lets you adjust the overall color cast manually, along a scale running from red to green. Since the software is so integral to using the device though, we’ll cover most functions here, and limit our discussion in the Software section to the other packages shipped with the device Although this camera obviously wouldn’t be used for outdoor real estate shots, the “house” image shows the camera’s ability to capture detail, and the complete absence of compression artifacts.

Kodak DVC 300 Digital Video Camera Free Driver Download

Dihital Video Quality slider is labeled to show the tradeoff between frame rate and sharpness or image quality: Kodak Dvc Digital Video Camera From here, you can adjust the camera characteristics, take a still picture, or record a video.


A “Saturation” control lets you adjust the intensity of captured colors, with settings running from “low” to “high. Conclusion The Kodak DVC represents a genuine step forward in image quality for tethered computer video cameras. This is quite sensitive, but a requirement for a device intended to work well under normal indoor illumination levels.

On a more practical note, the time-lapse feature can turn your computer and the DVC into a fairly effective security device. Just look at the screen and adjust the controls until you achieve the framing you want.

Kodak DVC Specs – CNET

Of course, this occurs only at some loss of resolution, since all that’s happening is the computer is cropping-out a portion of the image and using interpolation to make it fill the selected image area.

We felt that raw images from the DVC had a somewhat “soft” appearance, but the sharpening function built into the PictureWorks Live application did an excellent job of “focusing” the images, without introducing artifacts of its own due to over-sharpening. Design “Star Trek Phaser Pistol.

Free to the general public. Kodak Dvc Digital Video Camera 1. The lens has a field of view of 42 degrees, corresponding to a 42mm lens on a 35mm camera.

On this hardware, we consistently captured videos at For still pictures, this is a significant limitation, but for video images, the digital zoom provides very real magnification, since the sensor has more pixels than are used in the video images anyway. Beyond that, operation of the camera is entirely controlled by the software application driving it, so the “user interface” will vary depending on what program you’re using it with.