Then double and triple check it. Notes optional; required for “Other”: Feel free to add anything you feel that other users need to know. Share This Page Tweet. It allows the PlayStation 2 to be used as a personal computer. How does it work?

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Max Drive for Ps2 need help | Evo-Web

Dfive you follow the steps in this FAQ you should have no problems getting started quickly! Log In Sign Up.

Create a backup of your memory card files!! Hey dalbluesfan, thanks for the nice compliment and the bump! So instead of “copying” the crushed file to your mem card, choose “uncrush to memory card” instead so that the file can be accessed.

Then double and triple check it. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. What is the Max Drive?

Datel Ps2 Max Drive – 128mb

You have to have a cd software to put it onto your memory card. It does not include the USB flash drive: The HDD can be transferred to another PlayStation 2 system and files on the HDD can be accessed, but those specific programs cannot be booted without being reinstalled.

Leichtspeed whats up bro i thought i was the last of the mohechians over here. Simple way to do it.

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Having trouble with Max Drive for PS2(For everyone who has Max Drive for PS2)

On occasion this has given me problems. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 was released in November and supported the Network Adaptor hardware, but not the software as it was not finalized until much later.

Also, the PS2 MAX Drive comes supplied with Datel’s memory management software, enabling you to crush maax files to save even more space, as well as PC software to manage your save files on your computer. They also allow using some standard consumer hard drives in the PS2, however they will not be compatible with software that is expecting the standard PS2 hard drive. Mqx 2 online functionality and List of PlayStation 2 network games. It allows the PlayStation 2 to be used as a personal computer.

Datel MAX Drive PS2 Free Driver Download () –

druve Best of all, you can also download the latest game saves with in-built cheats from Datel’s Codejunkies server, and even update your Action Replay MAX code list via a PC instead of through a PS2 broadband connection! I’ve heard alot of bad things about it. If this still hasn’t worked, try re-downloading the file and re-transferring it to the mem card.

Sign up for free! To make back ups mzx your saves, simply use the MaxDrive PS2 software to copy them from your memory card to your MaxDrive. First, make sure that you’ve downloaded the correct file for your game. Yeeman, sounds to me like you burned you own copy of the software, if so it may be that you need a different flash drive.

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Item is out of stock. The number one way to prevent this from being a disaster is to use the Max Drive to create backup files on your PC. Just the thing if you’re running out of space.

It requires the Network Adaptor to connect to the PlayStation 2 and to receive power. Email saves to your friends. Okay folks, this is a good start. pe2

Dagel be amazed at the amount work and attention to detail that went into these OFs, and they will make the game even better than FIFA could ever accomplish. A start-up disc “Network Access Disc” is included with the Network Adaptor datle installs a file on the memory card for connection settings which are accessible by all but one Network Adaptor compatible game.

The reaper is always just a step behind me Don’t have an account? Yes, it is true, I’ve wiped out a memory card or two.