It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. So, I can’t speak for them but, you know, maybe they want to be double charged, maybe they want to go that route. Possibly it would have been Obviously, there was inflation and by our calculation at 17 — maybe your calculation will make it 19 or so, let’s not quibble about the exact number. So basically what you’re saying then — I don’t want to put words in your mouth — that there’s no over and above value that you’re perceiving, you’re doing this because you have to do it because it’s an obligation imposed upon you, but there’s no stickiness, there’s no loyalty factor, there’s no audience benefits that you’re trying to realize through this community channel? This, of course, delays emergency response.

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The parents come in there and buy them one after the other.

But you don’t support it with e-mails to — you don’t have a data bank of community interested people so you could write to them saying, a new episode has been added of this or that program, or By the same token, newspapers were doing a fine job delivering news; hotels were doing a fine job delivering hotel rooms How much more time would you need?

Maybe just a variation on the vacuum on the public safety leadership coordination that we talked about right at the beginning. In terms of the transition, the common wisdom seems to be percolating, although not universal, that primary PSAPs will have an easier time to adjust to next-generation and do the transition and that secondary PSAPs may not be, for a number of reasons, as ready or ready as quickly.

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That may include, as it does in Saskatchewan, the Provincial Public Safety Telecommunications Network in the legislation that governs But basically increase the fees on cable companies if cable companies are going to continue to do the job, that will allow them to do it better.

So I don’t see a ton of savings 6514me-es respect to that. We’re really trying to get as much of the funding right into production as possible.

Why did you choose the VOD model and what are the economics around the two? But I’m following that and I see a lot of logic to your argument and your name it, you’re careful, you will make sure it’s quality, as you’ve done.

There is some but from our observation it is not the local programming that was intended and which had been in place originally. Well, we could cover one and they could cover one. You say that the “Slovak Spectrum” has been on the air with Rogers for 30 years. Calls are few and far between; I would say less than 10 a year. And city council is still very much a vibrant part of what people come to us for. The answer is, yes, we would accept that. It depends on the show.

And they would all be governed by probably sfs or First Nations? I mean, I think it’s abundantly clear, quite frankly, that, you know, Canadians want greater access and as a Canadian I say, give it to them.

You asked me if I think this is a good model and, you know, I have to say, I don’t have encyclopedic knowledge of what’s happening in the Canadian broadcasting industry but, you know, maybe our model is the right model.

So I take it even from 6514mr-ees it’s SOREM or sub-working groups that you’re still trying to get your head around issues about what your data points should be shared with whom, to whom, whether it’s a pull or a push?


I am a former journalist and a former professor of Journalism at Carleton University. Je sais que le centre de…. Well, you have asked srs these powers in other contexts, so it would be consistent with, you know, what you are looking for on the telecom side.

And I’m not sure I’m understanding the question. I have read and listened to as much as I could about from the hearing and I think, you know, like any sensitive Canadian, you are going to think, Okay, well gee!

Transcript, Hearing January 20, 2017

You know, the challenge that our programming has versus the local broadcasters is that it really is intensely local. Surtout dans le domaine dunous un appel perdu c’est un appel de trop.

I’m just wondering how do you go about doing an sfs program? Should the Commission, in one way or another, encourage their development by either creating models or requiring them, going forward? We have seen a number of different operators and stakeholders who have presented what I call different perspectives on what might constitute community access programming.

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What providers do you need to bring together to make a community not 6514m-res more safe, but actually make sure that it’s well? We can only provide service where the technology for television exists and today that’s in Winnipeg and Brandon and Portage la Prairie. From our perspective, we would respectfully suggest that this is going backwards. So you haven’t approached a producer who’s produced for Shaw’s community channel and asked if you can put it on your VOD system?